Songs that rocked my 2012

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

Changing time zones in 2011 meant I also changed Internet Service Providers. You would imagine my joy when I discovered I did not have to download movies for days go to the cinema before watching movies. I watched so many seasons of different TV series from the beginning. Those were happy (and free time) days.

With this discovery also came the advent of listening to music online, mostly from YouTube. I even created playlists. No buffering. In this post, I’d list those songs that rocked my 2012, some of which I discovered myself, and most of which other people led me to. I’d list them in order of preference:

1. In Christ Alone- There are various versions of this song but I particularly like the one by Newsboys. Listen to the lyrics of this song. Deep.

2. Hosanna by Israel Houghton- I left this song on repeat for days non-stop. Those times when dissertation seemed impossible, this song helped me.

3. Solid Rock by Uche Agu- This is a “wait-for-it” kind of song. You may be wondering why it made my list if you don’t listen past the 1:17 min mark.

4. Hillsong! I can’t begin to list the songs because I rocked all of them. Some albums include Live in Miami (Aftermath), Beautiful Exchange, Cornerstone.

5. Traditional songs: I love praise especially the traditional way. These are a few of them: 80 Yoruba Gospel Worship, Dis Kind God, Wings like an Eagle (this one even has Fuji towards the end).

If like me you like listening to one particular song on repeat till it’s ingrained in your memory, then you may try this. I learnt it from a friend of mine, Seyi:

Change the link from to For example, change to

Food for thought:

We usually tie songs to certain events that occurred in our lives. For example, “Blessed Assurance” reminds me of my dad. It was his fave hymn. So, can you think of those songs that you tie to certain events in your life and drop them in the comments section?

Life Nugget:

David knew how to praise God and his kingdom is still celebrated today. We need to develop a praise-culture.

I made an audio version of this post. You can find it HERE.


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9 thoughts on “Songs that rocked my 2012

  1. At the foot of the cross (Kathryn scott version) – Listened to this for almost 36hrs in 2007 on my Toshiba Gigabeat F (Rily great device) w/ Rockbox OS. I needed to get back on my feet and it was the most appropriate at the time. I could have entered Guinness book of world Records with it…
    Look what you’ve done – Tree63 – Powerful lyrics that reminds me of service and connection to my maker.

    Would have love to mention all…but my fingers. I cant leave out Oh Jesus I have Promised (SoP version) – When I want to reach out to Daddy upstairs!

  2. Amie says:

    Healer (planet shakers/Hillsong). This song made me trust God completely when I was in need of a Job. It enhanced my faith..

  3. dhackdheolu says:

    Hmm TeeRomio, I’m talking about weeks o…lol
    Amie, have you listened to The Anthem? Lovely

  4. KennyA says:

    OK…I just started listening to In Christ Alone by Newboys on youtube, thanks to this post…keep up the blogging… I want to see this same energy and even more in the coming months…

  5. shawntee says:

    Tromio! Do you still have ‘How to save a life’on replay??? 🙂

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