Think BIG, then start…Just start.


I don’t think the challenge many of us face is in thinking big. Most people have learnt to think big enough for themselves. Therefore, I’m not going to focus on what size of dreams we should have. Let’s talk a bit about actualization/execution.

We live in a “drive thru” generation. Many times, we have big dreams and want to see them materialize immediately. We seem to have forgotten the value of hard work (or smart work), consistency, dedication, persistence, patience and perseverance. For example,

I needed to learn how to program in Java and I wanted to know it NOW! As I came to discover, no matter how much you shout about it or how angry you get in your spirit, you must go through a learning/development process for things like that (it took me months, sleepless nights, mentoring and Hosanna to get through). I know this is a reason I have failed to realise many dreams I’ve had; I get discouraged that it can’t be done NOW and then I abandon it.

So today: Think big but start where you are. If you aim to dress better this year, don’t wait till you happen upon a large sum of money, buy one shirt every month; if every job you desire keeps asking for 5 years working experience, don’t grumble about it and do nothing because 5 years will come (if Jesus tarries) and nothing will still be nothing in 5 years; if you want to buy a car for your spouse, have you sent him/her a recharge card (top-up voucher)? Save those pennies and kobos. It may look small today but time is a magnifying glass.

Food for thought:

I know we all get angry about this work experience of a thing, but who would you rather have treat you: a 50-year doctor with 25 years experience or a 25-year old fresh-out-of-med-school doctor? (Credit: Tolulope Faloye)

Life nugget:

In most things worth doing, the journey is as important as the destination.


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Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

3 thoughts on “Think BIG, then start…Just start.

  1. We wud have knowledge implants soon! Starting where you are is a conundrum of some sort. Why? Where u r might not big enough space. Regardless however START. For when you start the opportunities out of necessity presents themselves.

  2. shawntee says:

    Always have the Hindsight in Foresight :D…

  3. […] I now realise that it’s usually easier to give advice than to receive one. Although many of my posts deal with my personal 1st-hand experience, I find that I still struggle in some of these areas- watching the numbers, faithing as opposed to hoping, starting where I am. […]

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