So you think you can jump

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Let’s try out something different: Every month on this blog, we would have a theme. This is how it will work: You guys will send pictures depicting the monthly theme and I’d dedicate one post to it everyday of that month. It will include your name (if you want), the location and possibly any other fun fact that you think will be relevant.

In upcoming months, you’d  help me decide what the theme for the month should be but because we are just starting it, I’d go first: Jumping January. Jump for joy; Jump for the camera; Jump to catch that wedding bouquet.

Jumping is something we all know we can do but somehow, age makes us feel silly doing it. Now, I’m not only asking you to jump; I’m asking you to jump and take a picture of it; a picture that will be posted on here; a picture that will possibly be rated :D.

Here goes mine:

Adeolu | In my room

Adeolu | In my room

Yes, that’s really me. No, I didn’t break my teeth. Yes, I was jumping on my bed. Yes, I think I broke my bed. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

So here’s how you go about it:

  1. Take of picture of yourself doing the monthly theme. Please respect other people’s privacy and ensure that every person in the picture wants to be in it (or let me know and we’d blur faces out). If you don’t want your face in the picture, we can crop that out also.
  2. Send to with your name (as you want it to appear), the location and any other message. Also indicate if you will like your picture to be rated.
  3. Watch your picture spark comments, controversy or both.

Let’s be creative people. Take your pictures in famous places. Make funny faces. Jump in weird positions. Keep your bones and teeth intact at all times.

Remember to scroll down and rate this picture.

Food for thought:

Have you been in Church and you were asked to jump in joy and you find yourself tip-toeing instead?

Life nugget:

Even the simplest things in life can bring joy


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

8 thoughts on “So you think you can jump

  1. Hahaa ! how did you take the pic 😀

  2. apryl says:

    nice nice…. the pix is quite blury thoe… nt certain if it is u or nt.. probly ur twin bro lol

  3. Ur brain sort of tell u d guilt when u do dt tip toeing in church. @engadget would call that Mr Blurrycam picture. Now Jump!

  4. Amplebrain says:

    **When I say Jump, you say how high….** Dunno the rest of the song

  5. dhackdheolu says:

    Apparently, when I said “JUMP”, you guys thought I meant you should do stunts and you were all preparing mentally for it. Just jump up in the air and land with your feet. Nothing technical.

  6. […] first guest on the theme for the month- Jumping January- is Tolu (inevitably). She just passed her exam and she has all the reason to jump! Continue […]

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