Relevance vs. Popularity

Maybe it was the Advanced (further) Mathematics classes I took while in school or the fact that I studied an Engineering course for my degree. I really don’t know. What I do know is that numbers are pretty important to me. How many A’s did I have? Or why did I have 75 if I could have had 93? Or most recently, how many views do I have on this blog?

If you are like me, you know this can fast become an obsession. I’d drive home my point from the what I’ve learnt since starting this blog. There have been times that I had to mentally stop myself from writing things that although would have the most views, would be least impactful to my audience. I’ve had to struggle with my conscience which always asks me to stick to my reason for starting this blog- being relevant.

I think that’s one reason many of us go off tangent sometimes in our journey of life: watching the numbers. How many friends do I have on facebook? How many tweets, no matter how irrelevant, do I have? But truly, our lives need better auditable metrics. Hey, I’m not saying quantity does not matter sometimes but we need to shift our focus from how much to how well.

In the long run, relevance makes you popular.

Food for thought:

In the parable of the talents, the servant who got 5 talents traded and got 5 more; the one who got 2 traded and got 2 more; in the end, their Master said the same thing to them (Matt 25:14-30).

Life nugget:

Make the most of what God has entrusted to you and stop running with the clock of others.


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

3 thoughts on “Relevance vs. Popularity

  1. Thats how many measure relevance – The #s. Every1 always want to be relevant. Now we just need to define those metrics! is it visible?

  2. olla says:

    this is really touchy nice one.

  3. […] deal with my personal 1st-hand experience, I find that I still struggle in some of these areas- watching the numbers, faithing as opposed to hoping, starting where I […]

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