I almost pulled the plug

I recently read a post on Facebook by Tyler Perry. You can read it HERE. The post centers around persistence and perseverance. It got me thinking about those things that I have given up on and those things that I almost pulled the plug on.

You see, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to keep on1. For instance, no matter how much you dislike your job, as long as you are working there, you must wake up every morning and show up.

But I believe true strength is revealed in sticking to those things which you take personal responsibility for, such as your dreams and vision. For example, no matter how difficult your final year project proves to be, you know it is the only obstacle standing between you and graduation. Wisdom demands that you stick to it.

So today, let’s keep at that dream, drawing strength from the True Source- Jesus. We will strike gold soon.

Food for thought:

“Winners don’t quit; Quitters don’t win”. But where is the place of knowing when to quit what isn’t working and quitting early for that matter?

Life nugget:

1 Corinthians 12:9 “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”


[1] There’s usually always a choice but the cost of some options make them unfeasible.


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2 thoughts on “I almost pulled the plug

  1. aina says:

    The place of quitting early lies in what the Catholics(I am) refer to as “discernment”(there’s a whole teaching on this :)) it’s simply “making an informed decision through the guidance and under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. Some times, he knows, you’re gonna fail but there’s a far more important lesson that will be beneficial to you later in life that he wants you to learn from that experience. You can’t know for sure/certain except through discernment

  2. presh says:

    Hmmm, Really nice.

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