Today, I made the right decision


Walking as fast as I could, the cold seeping through my shoes, I knew I still had at least 7 mins to make my train- 7 mins for a 4 mins journey. But I wasn’t taking any chances; I kept up the pace. As I came into full view of the station, there it was- my 8:45 train. But how could that be? It wasn’t even 8:45 yet.

Doors still open, I knew I had to run to make it because those doors don’t stay open for long. And just before I James-Bond-jumped on the train, I looked up to the board and behold, it wasn’t even my 8:45 train. This was an 8:30 delayed train that just pulled in.

I got off that train choosing to believe that my 8:45 train will come at 8:45. And it did. I didn’t choose what I could see because what I could see had more stops than what I wanted to see (meaning longer time to get to my destination).

I’m sure you are wondering how I could turn a story of trains into Faith and Spiritual guidance but you see, it had been a while that I made such a decision that I didn’t regret after.

It felt good being guided. For me, this is just a renewal of the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life. How about you?

Food for thought:

The one who starts first does not necessarily mean the one who will finish first.

Life nugget:

Don’t be too much in haste to settle for less than what God has planned for you.



About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

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