Lights, Camera, Action

As I stood in that dark theater with colored lights flashing everywhere around me, it felt more like I was in a concert than a Church service. I was not used to worshiping God this way. It felt weird. But beyond that, it felt good being there. I was in the midst of people that I had always judged to have strayed from God and they seemed happy being in His Presence. This was where all the people I once thought did not attend Church were. This was Hillsong United.

It’s easy to get stuck up in your world of rights and wrongs, where everyone who doesn’t conform to your standard is not doing it correctly. If they don’t worship where or how you worship, then they are not doing it properly. If they are not dressing the way you dress, then they’ve missed it. It helps me better understand Peter’s dilemma in Acts 10- he was going to go against everything he stood for personally.

The experiences I’ve had this past weekend have helped me see things from a different light. My Sunday Service at Hillsong United was one of the best services I’ve ever been in. Truly, He is a God of all- Jews and Gentiles, Blacks and Whites.

I intend to keep this mind of mine open. Really, who are we to judge?

Food for thought:

We have only one standard- God’s Word. Our false interpretations of it do not make His Word any less united.

Life nugget:

Don’t be quick to judge what you don’t understand


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3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. Can’t agree more with you! We all tend to ‘judge’ people because they don’t act like us, though most of it are just cultural differences. This is one of the reasons I love Hillsong, it shows you how someone who you’ll probably stereotype on the train probably because of his hair colour, piercing or tattoos can be so passionate about God and His Church. 🙏🌟😊

    • aina says:

      when you say ur in love with sb, it oozes from you, everyone sees and knows you belong to this person! now i loved ur statement about “how you would never know this people go to Church” why?(while i await ur reply) i’ll like to add that, “Christianity” as it were is not and can never be lived alone! you influence all around you with your “Christianity” like cos of ur life smone else shld want to become a member of God’s family through your action, words, character and disposition. yea, we shldn’t judge! we should just leave that to God. isn’t it funny that when we accuse others of judging, that is just what we are doing, God help us all

    • aina says:

      Dinma, sowie I sorta mixed up ur comment with the author’s “it shows you how someone who you’ll probably stereotype…”

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