My techy thanks

I sit down sometimes and wonder, “What will I do without Google?” From research work to stalking profiling, there’s a long list of things to be thankful about Google for. Here, I’d just make the list all inclusive on all technologies I’m grateful for.

  1. Google: It had to be the first on my list for reasons you are all familiar with. Are you not happy that they did not sell off in 1999 for $1 million? I sure am.
  2. Skype: For all the relationships that have been saved by Skype, we raise our glasses.
  3. Telephones: Let me paint a quick picture here. In Acts 15, there was dispute among some men who were teaching circumcision as a prerequisite for salvation, and Paul and Barnabas who opposed such view. To resolve it, they decided to go to Jerusalem, 300 miles away. In those days, they could travel only 20-30 miles per day. Now, be thankful.
  4. Computers: Of course, none of this blogging will have been possible without computers. And my best part? Imagine if you couldn’t correct your miskate mistake?
  5. Electronic writers: Perhaps a demonstration will help here:


I’d stop here but there are many more from wireless mice to virtualization. Feel free to add your list to the comments section.

Food for thought:

If Google is not as good as we know it today, would we think we are lacking something or would we adapt? A philosophical post coming up.

Life nugget:

1Thes 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


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