Why did you rely on your brain?

Today, I stumbled on one of those only-a-genius-can-get-this questions. It went this way:

Otieno is the son of Daniel. So Daniel is the _________ of Otieno’s father

I was upset. You already told us who Daniel is so why do you want us to tell you who he is in another form? But that wasn’t what got to me most. What got to me was that I didn’t know the answer (I finally settled for SHADOW…lol).

For many of you gurus out there, you probably figured that the answer is “NAME”, but how many of you didn’t assume that “Daniel” is male? There’s nothing in the question that suggests that Daniel is a man but your brain probably made that assumption.

It’s funny that with the things of God, we are called to rely on God’s Word completely even against what we believe is logical.

Food for thought:

The answer could be “WIFE”. (I actually laughed a friend of mine to scorn for even drawing such a conclusion but I guess the joke was on me)

Life nugget:

2 Corinthians 5:7 “(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)”


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2 thoughts on “Why did you rely on your brain?

  1. Puts the entire concept of faith and trust in God in perspective for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dr Olaide Owokade says:

    I agree that we should have absolute faith in the word of God. afterall it is life in itself and the only existing truth. All the same, we should be mindful of the interpretation given by its readers: this is where we need to apply ”reasoning” with our ”faith”.

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