Mission accomplished. What next?

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Have you ever taken a shot at something so hard that you lose focus of everything- almost everything- else? Passing that exam? Gaining that degree? Building that project? When you finally accomplish that goal, the excitement, the congratulatory messages, the celebration parties, are all overwhelming nice. You settle back into your “lost” life and try to rebuild it. Everything is fine in the world again.

Until you begin to feel unaccomplished. You are steadily forgetting what it feels like to aggressively pursue something. You reminisce on the days of old, the days of past glory: “When I was still chasing my CCIE dream, I used to actively study for 14 hours.” You start to long for challenges like that again. And if you are not careful, you sink into a state of depression.

The truth is a mind that has been stretched never wants to return to the status quo. A great lesson I once heard (and I’m still learning) is to continually ask yourself, “What Next?” So once you accomplish that mission, don’t stop; get on another goal. Goal upon goal. Success (or experience) after success. One step at a time. Greatness achieved.

Food for thought:

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.” – Jonas Salk

Life nugget:

Do all you can while you can.


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Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

2 thoughts on “Mission accomplished. What next?

  1. aina says:

    The “what next” keeps one alive :), makes one strive to be better n not settle into depression! Best quote

  2. Dr Olaide Owokade says:

    You’re right my dear. Accomplishment should lead to the next level/opportunity. Mummy

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