I will have gone but it snowed

Today, I decided to stay at home and work from within the confines of my room. My reason? It snowed and there will be “possible” service disruptions. You see, my real reason for working from home was because I just didn’t want to go in because I could do everything I need to do without going in. But when you make invalid excuses, you keep looking for other excuses to back it up.

So while searching for a cover up excuse, I found out that there were actually severe delays on the trains. Why didn’t I take the bus? The roads will be iced and the buses will skid off the road into the bush. How laudable.

Someone once said, and I agree, that we always find reasons and excuses to make ourselves feel better, or keep doing what we are doing. The excuse that “it was on SALE” is the one that works best for us when we buy what we don’t need.

If we are true to ourselves, excuses don’t make it better. Needless to say I still feel guilty for making excuses today (the reason for this post) and this guilt is enough consequence. I don’t like guilt. Next time, I’d save myself the stress.

Food for thought:

Would you still make the same excuse in the face of an extreme life situation?

Life nugget:

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else- Benjamin Franklin


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2 thoughts on “I will have gone but it snowed

  1. aina says:

    ROTFL. I’m happy you feel guilty tho. :p that’s for u

  2. […] I’d bring you pictures soon. And yes, I’m at work today, paying for my excuse of yesterday. Lol. I’m sure if I had told my boss that I can’t come in today, he would […]

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