The D-Day is here

It’s funny that I still have time to write a post in the midst of the “chaos” this morning. The day they’ve all been waiting for is finally here- it’s my graduation ceremony. It wasn’t a big deal to me- this isn’t my first graduation. I took it so lightly; I didn’t even buy anything new. Thank God for one of the women in my life. But now, it’s a big deal. My whole family is around!

So, I’d bring you pictures soon. And yes, I’m at work today, paying for my excuse of yesterday. Lol. I’m sure if I had told my boss that I can’t come in today, he would have understood that it’s my grad, but guilt is a bad thing.

Cheers to all the great years ahead.

Food for thought:

Why do we take things that seem “normal” for granted? The fact that we wake up every morning seems normal but not everyone does.

Life nugget:

Be thankful for everything.



About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

2 thoughts on “The D-Day is here

  1. MistaBiee says:

    Congrats Mr Dhack. Many more blessings

  2. KennyA says:


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