12 months of Blessings

Last year, I read a book that advised on keeping a Journal of Blessings. It’s simply a notepad where you write the great things God has done for you. As you can imagine, the benefits are great: reminiscing on the faithfulness of God, bringing to remembrance that since He has done it before then He can do it again, and so on. I decided to try it.

  • January: He gave me the project topic I wanted even though I wasn’t the first to request for it. Favor.
  • February: I got an internship with a company that taught my class the practical aspect of a course. Excellence.
  • March: He healed me of a pain in my body. Healing.
  • April: I flew on Virgin Atlantic for free. My card was never charged. I sent a mail to customer service. “We would be in touch with you in 28 days”. Still waiting. Exemption.
  • May: Month of exam. Went very well even for courses that seemed impossible. Grace.
  • June: Part-time job springing from my internship and I was getting paid. Provision.
  • July: I made headway in my project. I almost gave up but He sent help (Seyi) my way. Breakthrough.
  • August: Project submitted. Degree ended. Sustenance.
  • September: Full-time job. Change of accommodation very stressless (God bless Tolu Faloye). Goodness.
  • October: He answered my prayer of bringing a friend to Christ. Salvation.
  • November: I finally understood the project I was working on (FATCA) after about 2 months on it. Understanding.
  • December: Safe flying and successful wedding of my sister. Tender mercies.

I’m sure you also have a lot to be thankful for. Try keeping a Journal of Blessings. I wasn’t faithful with it all through last year though but I should continue now.

Food for thought:

Take a look at your body. Have you thanked God for everything that is right with it?

Life nugget:

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.”


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

5 thoughts on “12 months of Blessings

  1. KennyA says:

    Nice .. 🙂

  2. kdcorner says:

    Amen. And I really like your food for thought! I’m going to share this on facebook. God bless.

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