What’s driving you?

I started blogging with a pure motive: sharing my personal experiences and documenting my walk with God. It was really fun at the beginning until I noticed I was pushing too hard. If my motive was sincere, it shouldn’t be this hard.

You know, while your motive can be right, your drive can be totally selfish. My friend Tobi pointed out this difference between motive and drive to me. After about 1 week into blogging, I was gunning for paid blogging. Money became the drive.

Being paid to blog is not a bad thing in itself but in the context of what this blog is about, I don’t think it’s right. If I attempt to reason that out here, this post would be too long.

Once I came to this realisation and aligned myself to it, things became much stressless. This is my service to God and I cherish it as such. Plus there’s provision when it’s God’s work.

Food for thought:

To know if your service is truly selfless, ask yourself this: “Would I continue doing this even if there’s no guaranteed reward?”1

Life nugget:

Money is a good servant but a very terrible master.


[1] As Christians, there’s always a reward for good work.


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

One thought on “What’s driving you?

  1. detola says:

    Tres bien

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