There’s something about Grace

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In the context of salvation, we know from the Bible that we are saved by Grace (Eph 2:8) therefore Grace is unmerited favor. Looking at it from another perspective, I can simply define Grace as the ability given to do something you cannot naturally do. And in the last few weeks, this dimension of grace is what I’ve experienced.

Grace is what is given to you when you are too physically tired to pray but when you get on your knees, you just pray away! Grace makes you work those extra hours back to back and still remain effective. Grace keeps you from engaging in physical violence even when all the adrenaline in your body says otherwise.

But there’s something else I found about Grace: Grace is activated through faith. You are tired but you want to pray; grace is not what gets you off your bed and on your knees. Rather, faith is what says that grace will meet you on your knees. You have that 100-paged project documentation to write; grace may not get you started. Instead faith says that grace will get you to the 100th page once you start writing the 1st page. You get the point.

So when next we pray for grace, let’s remember to take the first step; grace will be released when we do.

Food for thought:

If we could pull it off by ourselves, then we wouldn’t need Grace. It puts Jesus’ words in 2Cor 12:9 into perspective.

Life nugget:

Ask for grace then take the step of faith. 1Cor 15:10.


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3 thoughts on “There’s something about Grace

  1. Amplebrain says:

    Paul puts it nicely;
    For you are saved by grace through faith…. Eph 2:8

  2. dashawnent says:

    faith is what says that grace will meet you on your knees….Right there!!!

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