Marriage: A guy’s view


I was chatting with a friend of mine and I asked her when she was getting married. She replied me with a “dunno” BBM smile. Red flag! If the girl in a relationship doesn’t know when the wedding is, who would know? The guy? 😐

So I asked her further questions: “What is the plan? When is the mutually agreed date?” She laughed. You see, as I’ve come to find out, there are three wedding dates in (almost) every mature relationship:

  • The girl’s date = Yesterday + 1 day
  • The guy’s date = The current year + 4 years
  • The mutually agreed date: The guy only agrees to let peace reign

Hehe. This is just for fun o. Ladies, thank you for reading, now you can please close the page.

Guys, please …

It is NOT just for fun, You know I’m telling the truth. The reason I can admit that here is because I have leverage: If she says “eh hen, so it wasn’t a joke?”, I’d ask her how she knows that because she shouldn’t be here and then we’d turn it to a “be submissive” argument 😀

Maybe I’d really write about marriage from a guy’s perspective.


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2 thoughts on “Marriage: A guy’s view

  1. frankiedman says:

    HA HA HA HA HA What a great piece!!! GREAT!!!!

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