Marriage: The guy’s view vs. The girl’s view

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I just created this category called “Life conversations” where I will post real conversations of many issues we face in life. The identities of the parties involved in these conversations will be hidden so feel free to send me conversations that you think should be on here (all parties involved must be consenting).

Today, it’s about Marriage, sparking from yesterday’s post on Marriage: A guy’s view.

Girl: But honestly, why do guys have to wait till everything is ‘in place’ b4 they get married, and I’m not just talking about me

Boy: Lol. Of course, it’s almost every guy. We have d “I have to be in control” gene. So it’s a big deal not to be in control financially

Girl: Then what happened to having faith in God. Isn’t He meant to be in control? If you’re in control of your finances, anything can happen that will be beyond your control

Boy: Hmm…Not in that way. Didn’t you read Deolu’s blog that Faith also takes responsibility

Girl: Faith takes responsibility but also requires you to step out. How is waiting till it is safe faith?

Boy: Not necessarily waiting till it is safe. The same way you have to pass a driving test B4 you even say you want a car. Will both of you marry and be staring into space?

Girl: But you have to practice with a car before you can dream of passing the test

Boy: D practice car is d relationship

Girl: And how long do you want to learn how to practice? You ‘wan’ be learner for how many years

Boy: We can’t continue with this analogy, Because it will mean I’d drive one car for the rest of my life

Girl: *ROTFL*

Boy: *laughs*

Girl: Choose another then. You can pimp the car

Boy: Ahh!!! One car?! For 75yrs??!

Girl: Get a classy car and keep pimping it

Boy: D engine will knock :p. No service

Girl: And there’s the mechanic (God); The third chord

Boy: Girl, your argument is not sound :p

Girl: Then refute it

***To be Continued***

Food for thought:

How do you know you are ready for marriage?

Life nugget:

Communication is key.


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3 thoughts on “Marriage: The guy’s view vs. The girl’s view

  1. MistaBiee says:

    @deolu I will also want to add this! Of course u find people that believe in each other and they don’t necessarily “wait” for the guy to “hammer” this in my opinion is ‘cose while they were learning how to drive the car has exhibited traits of someone that will support she has made him realise she’s got faith in God and believe it will happen and also probably supported themselves at that level. But if while he is still testing the car the maintenance cost is high and all don’t you think he will be logical to chill to hammer before he fully acquires the car lol. Atleast during the test drive he is not obliged to do something but after a main ain’t got no choice yo
    There is a point they also help determine when he will be ready.

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