I don’t know how to pray

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I had read it in the Bible in so many places how people prayed fervently to God (including Jesus) and I knew prayer was a necessary part of any Christian’s life but it didn’t change the fact- I just didn’t know how to pray. And if I knew how to pray, I didn’t know how to pray for long. I could feel the pain of the Disciples in Matt 26:40-41.

I found it easier to pray in groups- somehow you just feed off the energy of the group- but to fulfill the “pray ceaselessly” commandment that Paul gave to the Church (1Thes 5:17), I knew I had to find a way to up my personal prayer life.

I tried actually. Read books, watched videos and they were really helpful- for a while. You see, I’d start off with so much energy, and then after a few days or even weeks, it will fizzle out. With the failure comes the guilt that “Adeolu, you are not taking your Christian life serious enough! Common! You mean you can’t put your body under?” Sigh.

If you have had trouble with this, you know the process. You get on your knees, use the standard “Our Father format” prayer, done in 7 mins and then begin to wonder “Uh-mm, I’m done, what now?“. So you switch to praise/worship; look at your wristwatch, “Hmm, just 3 mins?! I thought I was there for 30mins. I guess I’d just continue praising.” …One hour later, you wake up still on your knees, heave a sigh, and climb up on your bed, feeling too guilty to tell God you are sorry for sleeping off on Him.

***To be Continued***

Food for thought:

It’s easier to watch 2 episodes of your favorite (it doesn’t even have to be your favorite) series for 2 hours than it is to pray for 15 mins.

Life nugget:

Luke 18:1 “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint”


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5 thoughts on “I don’t know how to pray

  1. Me says:

    Ok, so I can totally relate. In fact I’m pretty sure majority of us struggle with this. We really have to fight for that intimate relationship with God, to do it on purpose. I look at it this way…the solutions to life’s problems are simply a prayer away. Also it really helps if we don’t see prayer as regimented. I gist with God how I gist with my friend as in, in an informal manner.. I am not 100% there, maybe not even 90 lol.. But I know the importance to keep trying. When you fall, simply get back up, cos really what else can you do.. My own 2 cents 🙂

  2. Simbo says:

    Lol, Deolu, I feel you,but really I think we are “plenty” that struggle with this. I just try to pray at intervals during the day, as I remember stuff and things drop in my mind, I say a quick prayer wherever I am, that definitely shouldn’t replace the regular morning prayer, but it helps “stay in contact”.
    Nice blog BTW

  3. […] the comments in the previous post, I know many of us go through the same thing. But thank God! He doesn’t leave His children […]

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