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This is a conversation I had with a friend of mine, speaking about the post on “Is less better?“. It’s pretty insightful.

Friend: So I thought about your blogpost. Faith normally isn’t (shouldn’t be) tied to (lack of) positioning (like the preparation u have) for what you are having faith for. Back to the basics. Faith comes by hearing, hearing from God’s word. So you can have more faith, when you know God’s word concerning the situation. Not just knowing, more like hearing it in you. Like the way Bishop David Oyedepo (for example) has reckless faith about health and prosperity. Its revelation, not preparation, or the lack of it that increases faith. If you have more or less faith because or the physical situation, then its not faith.

Me: :p I got around to reading your reply yesterday. I was confused so I said I’d read it again. Lemme try now

***a few mins later***
Me: Ah, I see

Friend: *laughs*

Me: So it’s either you believe or you don’t; That’s in d context of a particular situation

Friend: Well, my point is, having or not, does not contribute to faith…If your faith is based on what u have or don’t, then its not faith

Me: Okay

Friend: Its easier to have real faith when u find God’s word concerning you. And hold to it. For instance, Gal 6:9- The basis for me doing a lot of things in advance as long as it is good because the day of reckoning would soon come. So yea, when I keep doing my exams and taking certs and reading books and wondering if I’m killing myself, I remember his word, and believe that my due season is close and then refuse to faint.

The problem is, specifics. Say you’re trusting for a job. Well, you can hang on a generic scripture or you can have the Holy Spirit interpret a generic scripture to mean a specific to you

Food for thought:

Have you found out what the Word of God says for that particular situation you are in right now?

Life nugget:

Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.”


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One thought on “Is less better? A conversation on

  1. Tayo says:

    Getting to know God is frankly one of the best things that could happen to a child of God. Hearing from Him is usually amongst the first toddler steps.

    When we make a request especially a dear one, we often expect answers from God. Often, immediate answers are sought when important decisions in life are about to be made. Encouragingly, our ever listening God is always responding. Unfortunately, our itchy ears, logic systems and busy chemistry tone down the volume of Gods voice, while our already tuned minds dictate the response to replace his.

    More often than not, i have come across a lot of christian folks who believe God has only two responses to a situation the YES! and the NO!! response. Well, i think this otherwise and rather unfathomable. His ways are far higher than ours and His thoughts far above ours, He sees unimaginably beyond our individual or collective capacities. And so God can respond with “YES I will do it now” “YES I will do it later” NO I will not do it at all” ” NO for now” etc

    Thanks Deolu

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