I have to buy that aso-ebi

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So many times, we are so hard on ourselves that we put unnecessary pressure on our hearts, minds and on God. If only we could learn to prioritize and put what is necessary first, then we can get rid of (or at least push forward), the weight and baggage we are carrying about.

So I set goals for the month of February and I find that I’m lacking on one particular one. There’s a book I should have finished. Since today is 28th, I was trying to rush and fit it into my time even though I am bugged with so many other things. Of course I feel bad that I didn’t accomplish all my goals for February, but pushing it one or two days forward into March would take the pressure off my mind.

Are you worried and unduly stressed about paying for that aso-ebi? Ask yourself, “Do I have to buy that aso-ebi?” If you don’t buy that iPhone this week, how much would it hurt? It won’t stop selling in 3 months when you can afford it. Do you have to take that vacation trip to France? Relax, you’d go on your next holiday.

We take a lot of things as hard-and-fast rules but really, only a handful of things are necessary.

Food for thought:

Is that thing worth the stress your mind is on?

Life nugget:

Focus on what is important for now; every other thing can be important tomorrow


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One thought on “I have to buy that aso-ebi

  1. detola says:

    iPhone #coughs. iPhone 5s underway.
    Life is simpler with needs met & wants well…

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