Our focus on the negative

(Photo credit- thetruthabouttrust.blogspot.com)

It takes a healthy dose of self-esteem not just in yourself, but knowing who you are in Jesus (can we call it Christ-esteem?), to live and stay above in this world of negativity. And I’m not even talking about the countless wars and international ‘beef'; I’m talking about negative things that target us personally.

The power we give to negative words in our lives can be a bit alarming. Rather than focus on the 10 “God bless you“s we get in one day, we choose to drown in the 1 “I hate you“. Mathematically, it doesn’t make sense. 10 should definitely drown you more than 1 would.

I see this at play in my life sometimes and I just wonder. I begin to think it out: “Why would he/she even say that?” “Did I really deserve that? Am I a bad person?”. Why do I try to please everybody? And sometimes, it gets so bad that we try to please that person and then push away those who really care.

Food for thought:

Maybe it’s not the negativity as much as it is the value we place on the one who it came from?

Life nugget:

The Person that matters most already loves you (John 3:16) and has all the wonderful things to say about you in His Word.

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