Let me take you round the world

(Photo credit- life123.com)

The Olympics opening event is always so much fun to watch especially because you get to see countries that you never even knew existed. Recently, I had to work on the list of countries in the world and this post is the result of that. There are over 200 (there are undisputed vs. disputed sovereignty states). In fact the list I worked with had 257.

The “Islands” have very unique names like Christmas Island, Cook Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Solomon Islands (they must be very wise here), Wake Island and so on.

There are some I can’t pronounce yet like Seychelles. And did you know that the Vatican City is a country on its own? I may have been the last to know that. Anyways, that’s a fun fact.

There are also a lot of countries that begin with “Saint” like Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSaint Lucia, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Oh and finally, there are only 3 countries (according to my list) beginning with alphabets that only they have: Oman with “O”, Qatar with “Q” and Yemen with “Y”.

Food for thought:

There’s no country that begins with “X”.

Life nugget:

Wow! Such a big world….And He knows each one of us by name. Such a Big God.


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3 thoughts on “Let me take you round the world

  1. detola says:

    Love it!

  2. Folasanwo says:

    How about Yugoslavia?

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