Deleted! Are you sure?

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A couple of weeks back, I had a situation- one of my tags was causing a professional challenge for a friend of mine. My blog was causing personal information to show up on professional searches (for me, that ship has sailed the moment I used my name for this blog!). So in a bid to resolve it, I had to change those tags. But the problem was they were still showing up on searches!

Sometime today, a blog I read posted something but for whatever reason, the post was deleted. I saw this on Twitter and I decided to investigate if I could find the post. Of course it wasn’t on the blog because it’s been deleted so I did a Google search, the result came up and I just clicked “Cached”. And voila, there it was.

‘Cached’- That word could be your greatest ally or your worst enemy as these 2 examples have shown me. Of course, after sometime, the cache would get flushed but till then…

And oh, the issue with my friend’s professional profile has been resolved. Cache flushed. I’m now more careful with my tags.

Food for thought:

A geeky post once in a while makes the brain happy.

Life nugget:

The Internet doesn’t forgive [easily].


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2 thoughts on “Deleted! Are you sure?

  1. jemimahnaa says:

    True!once its out dere,its outta ur best not to put it on d web @all

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