What went down yesterday

(Photo credit- beforeitsnews.com)

I told you guys I’d keep you posted. It was an “Idea competition”. My friend and I have this business idea that we are working on and we decided to enter a funding competition for it. From our backgrounds, venture capitalist funding is not really in our blood but we thought: “Oh well, nothing to lose”.

The process helped us refine our idea and we spent so much time on Google Hangout (this tool should be the topic of my next geeky post…awesome!). Pitching presentations were yesterday- 5 mins pitch, some questions, total of about 15 mins.

Results came back:

Not this time…

6 competitors, 3 winners. So now we are waiting for feedback to know what areas were weak or strong. Wonderful experience though- pitching to investors and all. This will probably make me write a “Dealing with Rejection” piece. LOL. Anyway, that’s what went down.

Food for thought:

How many of you will accept venture capital for your business?

Life nugget:

“You have not failed until you quit trying” – Gordon B. Hinckley


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