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Google Hangout

Ah, I see you accepted my hangout request. Welcome. I’m going to talk about a really cool collaboration platform that I recently came across. I’d try to keep this as short as possible and probably write a more lengthy techy post somewhere else.

What can make a person like me spend 8 hours straight on the computer? Actually, almost anything remotely computer/Internet can keep me glued for days but that’s not the point. LOL. It was Google Hangout. So what is this Google Hangout? Well, for me, the most distinctive feature is “Google Hangout is the Skype* that allows more than 2 participants to have a video conference”.

But it’s a lot more than that. Google Hangout brings Google Docs (Google Drive) and video conferencing to one platform. An illustration will help:

Imagine there are two business partners in different parts of the world and they have to work on an idea together. Rather than sending files around and waiting for the other to read through and edit, won’t it be better if they could edit the document at the same time while talking through the issues together? That’s what Google Hangout does for you.

There also the Screenshare feature which allows you to share your entire screen or specific windows on your screen (You can do this with Skype too) and of course, there’s a chat window (which I use a lot for explanation purposes).

In other words, if what you are looking for is a fun way to hangout (virtually) with all your friends or a professional platform for real-time collaboration, Google (Hangout) is your friend.

I’d leave you with sounds from Google Effects, also available on Google Hangout.

Food for thought:

There’s something about Google and Innovation that gets me every time.

Life nugget:

The world is constantly improving. Move along.

Note: * Skype is a really cool tool too. It’s been saving long distance relationships since inception 🙂 and there are features on Skype that are not available on Google Hangout. Frankly speaking, their purposes are somehow distinctive but you never know with Google…


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