What then is ‘Spring’?

(Photo credit- stuffkit.com)

This post will be more about asking questions and letting my mind wander. It is definitely going under ‘Philosophy’. The main question is this:

Is Spring a time period (range of months) or is it an occurrence?

You’d get where I’m coming from in a bit. Spring, as in the season, is so called because it is a time when things “spring forth”. So the trees start growing leaves again after shedding them in autumn/winter. Based on this definition, we can say Spring is an occurrence.

But there’s a problem: I was walking along the road and I noticed that the trees are not blooming. It’s either they are not blooming YET or they CAN’T bloom because winter has refused to leave. It’s still so cold. However according to the experts, we are supposed to be in Spring season. In this case, Spring is a time period (March to May).

It seems therefore that irrespective of the temperature of the weather, Spring is always a time period. But if things are not springing forth, then perhaps the name shouldn’t be Spring?

Food for thought:

The assumption (by the people who named it Spring) that things will always spring forth at this time period was wrong? Or it could be that I haven’t waited enough to see them spring forth. Or perhaps, my assumption that Spring must be “less cold” is wrong?

Life nugget:

The weather may get more confused from year to year but have you met the One who remains ever constant? Malachi 3:6 “For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”


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