The unwanted guest

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As I got to my room and took off my jacket, I sat on my bed and tried to reply to all the messages that the freezing weather on the way didn’t let me read and then all of a sudden, *flash* my side-eye caught hold of a black shadow towards the edge of the wall. I turned my head towards it but there was nothing. *whew* “Adeolu, you must be tired”.

Fast forward a few days, I woke up and decided to pick a nylon containing my brioche bread from the floor (by the way, if you are in this part of the country and you haven’t had Tesco Sliced Brioche loaf, then I have no words for you). Back to the matter- to my horror, there was a big hole under my bread through all the nylons. No!!! A rat!

A lot of things flashed through my mind right then: “From where?” “Since when?” But the one that registered most was: “My bread!!! My brioche??? *red eyes* The offender must die!”. I’ve been scheming about how to get rid of that little unwanted guest. I even set up a trap- heavy bag falling on my bread bait at the presence of the rat- yesterday. The only problem with that was automating the dropping of the bag.

Truth is I can’t bear to kill the rat myself *covers face*. Even though I’m upset about my bread, I’d get rid of it humanely. But whether humanely or sacrificially, that rat must go. I saw the cute little thing yesterday but I’ve also looked a few weeks ahead and seen a big black unfriendly rodent *shivers*.

I’m going to buy a rat trap.

Food for thought:

If we don’t deal with the little unwanted guests in our lives, they will grow to become even more problematic.

Life nugget:

1 Corinthians 5:6 “Your glorying is not good. Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump?”


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