Worry– Burden borrowed from tomorrow worried face 2

Worry hinders you from doing what needs to be done to get the desired results; it is anticipating troubles which seldom come to those who trust God. It’s not a fast track to getting answers from God, rather it closes down your gates of faith which links you to God, worry gives birth to unbelief and limits God.

God promised us peace in the storm not peace against the storm, challenges would definitely arise. So instead of worrying you should pray. The more the urge to worry, the more u tell God. Don’t pity God; Pile your burdens on his shoulders. Matthew 6:25-33.

Here are three things that can help us keep our perspective.

  • Matthew 6:32- God knows what we need.
  • Matthew 6:26- 29- God is able and wants to meet our needs
  • Matthew 6:27- Doesn’t do any good to worry anyway.

The fact is there are always things we cannot control. When you have done all the best you can but the result is not according to what you want, all you can do is to say “Thank God for this failure”. It is much better to know that He answers ‘not yet’ than to think that no one gives you an answer. God Knows you are in need of all these things. He knows.

 Food for thought:

Has worry made anything come faster?

Life nugget:

Live in the moment, and learn to laugh and let things go.


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Faith child of the faiith God...Jedidiah-Gods Beloved *wink

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