Keep walking: Hope or Faith?

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Have you ever given it much thought why you stand up in the morning after you wake up? I don’t mean Who wakes you up- that’s settled. I mean why you choose to stand up and go about your activities when God wakes you up. Think about it for a moment.

Don’t you think it’s because of hope? The hope for something better. The hope to achieve something higher. The hope to become somebody greater. Don’t you think it’s the hope that today would be better than yesterday? This means that irrespective of your belief or religion, you keep on striving daily in hope of something.

But hope isn’t enough because hope is a probability. Hope says: “I’d try again today and maybe it will be better“. This is where Faith steps in. Faith is certainty because faith says: “I know today will be better“. With faith, we have confidence, not in our strength, but in our God.

What then makes us stand out as Christians? Some have lost their hope. While majority of others may have hope, not every one has faith to keep on. And while some may even have faith in a force other than the Almighty, we have a more sure faith because ours extends beyond life itself to life eternal.

Hang on today, He is able to see you through.

Food for thought:

1 Corinthians 15:17-19 “And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins. Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished. If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.”

Life nugget:

Jesus Christ is the Vine and to be part of this Vine, you must choose to be a connected branch. It’s the most important decision you can ever make. John 15:1-8


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One thought on “Keep walking: Hope or Faith?

  1. Amie says:

    “Hope is a probability, Faith is certainty”

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