Celebrating mothers

For no particular reason, today we celebrate our mothers on this blog. Let’s make it scenario based like give an experience of how your mother has been there for you. I’d go first:

Surely I can’t remember what is felt like to carry me for 9 months so I won’t talk about the things I can’t remember; I’d rather talk about those things that I do know for sure.

I remember studying hard for this exam (CCIE). It seemed impossible at first but we decided to give it a short all the same. I can’t even estimate the input and support my mother had: from the rack rentals, to fueling the generator, to paying for lab fee. 1 year of active studying, I wrote the exam…I failed that attempt.

World turned dark, I had put all my energy into this. Mother called me to comfort me and asked when next I could take the exam. Even though I had to travel for a re-sit, she took care of it all. And what’s more, she went with me *tears*. I don’t know who worried more after the exam that day in Dubai, but if she was worried, she knew she had to be strong for me. Every other thing seems blurry but this one thing I know, we both knelt down to thank God when the result showed ‘PASS’.

I may not be able to repay my mother fully for all she did that period and before and after that, but I’d sure come close.

Mother and son

Write your own story in the comments section but if it’s as long as mine, then it will get a post of its own. And there you have it, the theme for the month of April- “Celebrating Mothers”.

Food for thought:

In the category of those who leave their problems and focus on yours (doctors, pastors, etc), Mothers surely qualify to be on that list.

Life nugget:

Ephesians 6:2 “Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)”

The full CCIE story can be found here: http://www.ccieflyer.com/2011-02-Adeolu_Owokade.php


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7 thoughts on “Celebrating mothers

  1. agnes says:

    Wow! I love my mothers beyond words! One has taught me to be so strong, the other one has taught me to be so soft, loving, caring and persevering. One day I’ll write a book “Soft Mom” “Strong Mom”. Now,I’m so glad tomorrow is Mother’s day. I get to celebrate “them” both. The mother who carried me in her womb and taught me to be strong. Taught me how to cook, taught me a high level of morals, taught me respect, nurtured and groomed me. I remember her input during the ‘visiting days’. How she’ld take a risk and travel all the way down when I’m sick, how she’ld encourage me to study hard, how she’ld praise me when I excelled. And now, she’s still there, ever-caring, ever strong. And the other mother who carries me now when I’m weak, whom I run to when I have a problem, whom I can talk to about anything and everything, she loves me so much, I cry at times and I wonder ‘why, just why, does she love me so’. And when she sees my mom, she’ll say “omo mi da, omo mi nko”. She’s spent more time advising and LISTENING to me more than any other person in the world! And her money! Ahahah! I’ve spent a lot of that. When I’m opportuned to go on an outing with her … (Ye! I just remembad I was on anoda person’s blog! I’m sorry, *lips sealed*) ‘I’m so blessed to have two!

  2. Dr Olaide Owokade says:

    To God be the glory,honour and adoration; the I that I am; the beginning and the end! May He continue to crown our efforts with success. Coincidentally, we celebrate the Mothers’ Day in our Diocese today. Congratulations to all mothers and to our children who are our source of joy.

  3. agnes says:

    Amen! Thank u. Happy mothers’ day to your mother and all mothers in the entire world…

  4. Damilola Daniel says:

    mrs comfort oreoluwa daniel, where do i want to start from,she’s d best thing that has ever happened to me, should i start by her sending my brother and I to the best university in Nigeria “Covenant University’, taking care of all my needs in all aspect you can think of, was there for me even when the world thought i was a wright off CRYING* if i continue i won’t be able to say all, but mama no woman alive can take your place.

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