The woes of a long distance relationship (final part)

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Previous posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Long Distance Relationship

He’s sure the people at Skype had convened a couple of times to discuss if they should start charging these two account: tayo_adeyele and hadafolake. Initially, a bug in Vectone Mobile allowed her to call him at 1p per minute. Until they found out and blocked it. Calling from Nigeria was expensive. It was much easier for her to buy one of those packages- £5 for 100 mins or something. Funny names they have over there- Lyca, Lebara, Vectone.

At first, LDR wasn’t as bad as they had thought. Although they had to alter their sleeping patterns, it was okay. It was only for a few months. How many months till you see her again? 2 months. Where will you stay when you travel? Hmm…I haven’t thought about that. With her I guess. LOL! You’d stay with her in winter?

His visit went well. No need to go over the details. She came home for Easter too. They were doing well. In fact, he had started thinking of marriage soon- no more 4 years. He just needed to sort things out a little. Do you know how much those rings cost? Folake be saying she’s not all that interested in a ring. If I hear!

School was really busy and she read a lot. Combining that with Internships was not easy but she did her best. She and Tayo were in for the long haul. At least he’s no more saying 4 years. That’s good news. But I’ve decided to do a PhD. How will Tayo take it? Will he join you here? Really, I don’t know. I haven’t told him yet.

PhD?! Things were difficult enough. They didn’t talk as much. She was getting busier. To crown it all, the temptations were building. There was a particular day that all he saw was fine females. Where did they release all of them from today? Are you sure your mind (me) is not just playing tricks on you? *Opens 2 Corinthians 12:9* “Father, that grace that You talked about, please now will be a good time to release it.”

Please hold on Beverly, I have another call” *checks fone* Incoming call- Flaky

Never mind, I’d take it later. Yes you were saying…HAHAHA!…

*One hour later*

Hi Folake, you called. Sorry I was on a call.

Okay. I just wanted to check on you. I’ve been busy all day. Work, school, assignments…

Sure. Thank you for checking. Have a good night

That’s how bad things had gotten. They had become “thank you and goodnight” people. What’s more, Beverly was usually always available. They had met at work when she joined his company 6 months ago. They chatted long at work even though their offices were separated by 4 floors. But you know spending time with someone else is dangerous for your relationship. For once you have something right to say. But trust me, I can handle it. Moreover Folake is busy. I’m just keeping busy too.

That was 3 months ago. He should have listened. Feelings for Beverly were beginning to develop. And it was mutual. He rolls over on his bed and sinks into deep thought “What’s the way forward?


This story ends here. While many relationships don’t necessarily take this path, they usually find themselves at this point at one time or another, where communication becomes really broken down and they become shadows of their former love lives.

Food for thought:

I wrote this story with certain loopholes in both characters for a reason. This is where the discussion begins.

Life nugget:

Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.”


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15 thoughts on “The woes of a long distance relationship (final part)

  1. tomi says:

    well, this just means I’ll have to buckle up and put in more work in my own LDR

    I am definitely not going to give a Beverly that chance

  2. tomi says:

    truth be told, keeping a LDR is a whole lot of work. both parties have to make the effort to stay in touch and in love.

    you should shower each other with love even more than you did when you were geographically close. don’t use distance as an excuse to stop giving gifts. the extra effort made would be proof that you still care

    lemme hear what others have to say

  3. tomi says:

    as for the PhD, the babe for like marry first . secure the relationship and then find a way for both of you to be together.

    it is all a matter of priority

  4. Amplebrain says:

    If you make your plans as though you were still single, then maybe you are.

  5. jydh says:

    Paul’s right abt marriage and relationships. Stuff’s hard. But you know what he says about the labour of love too…it shall not go unrewarded.

    I think communication’s key as well- how important is the relationship to both parties. Everything picks up from there, if it’s important to both parties, recognising that there’d be threats sometimes should help the couple keep things in perspective about their relationship and where it’s headed.

  6. udumark says:

    As far as I’m concerned, LDRs should just be generally avoided. And if it can’t, then keep it short. Even calling, keeping in touch, showing all d ‘luv’…not enuf! Far from enuf!
    Kudos to those in it and have kept the boots on, but for those considering it, think again! Things may never be d same.

  7. detola says:

    haha @ ample. Mark, I agree – Long distance should be for short-term

  8. […] comments on the just concluded series: The woes of a long distance relationship (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Like I said at the beginning of that series, the story was meant to stir conversation and […]

  9. TJ_Olaitan says:

    LDR is necessary at times, but honestly, I think if the time could be reduced, then it’ll be berra…but in the final analysis, there has to be something strong keeping both parties together to make it work…

  10. codedjeannie says:

    Maintaining a long distance relationship is really a hardwork. Both parties should communicate well and put extra effort. Such relationship will end if one gives up. The question is: Does Taho want to be with Folake or with Beverly?Does he want to give up Folake for the love of Beverly? Sometimes, temptation is hard to resist. Remember the 80-20 rule? This is a nice story. Keep it up! 🙂

  11. codedjeannie says:

    Haha. Ooops, I mean TAYO! 🙂 such typo.. 😀

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