The woes of a long distance relationship (part 2)

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You can read part 1 here.

The relationship

Three years later, Tayo had graduated, served his Fatherland and was now working. Waking up by 5am everyday to get to work was not really the plan he had in his head when he was in school. In fact, he had practically sworn “I will work for no one!” But here he was, yawning at 3:15pm and wondering why the earth was moving very slowly today. His phone rings.

“Hi babe, how’s work?” The voice on the other end asked.

Mehn Folake, time seems to be moving in reverse today oh. But it’s all good. Are we still down for the movie today?

Yes dear. You’d pick me up? You know it’s CD day so you’d pick me from home right?

Sure. See you soon. Love you flaky.

Arghhh! You know I hate that name. Anyways, love you too.

Thank God she worked her posting got posted to Lagos. How would they have handled the distance? Since that day when she accepted his friend request, they got closer. He had finally asked her out on her graduation day. They were like two peas in a pod; a pod which got too cosy sometimes and led them to do “stuff”. But they both loved God and they tried as much as possible not to cause Him grief. His grace was sufficient.

She met his mother. He had met her parents. Red flag! C’mon, how can that be a red flag? Well, now that you’ve met her parents, it’s harder to split should it come to that. I don’t intend to split with her. She’s the one. Haha! Okay, when do you want to marry her? In 4 years or so. Ah Tayo! You said 4 years last year. Every year is 4 years. You are supposed to be on my side, in fact, on my inside, you know?

He wasn’t sure if that was a red flag but he loved Folake and wanted to marry her. Sometime. For now, he had to make money, build that house, buy those cars- *Phone beeps*

Yaaayyy! Tayo! Tayyooooo! *mumble, jumble*

Calm down baby, I can’t hear what you are saying

Okay, okay. I got a mail today from Imperial. I’ve been accepted for this September session!

Whoooooooop! Finally. Thank God. God is great. He is Mighty. Aww, that’s great news dear.

Wait… September? This September. 4 months away. Relationship. Long Distance. Long Distance Relationship.

Fast forward 4 months ahead. At the airport:

Stop crying Folake, we’d be fine. Thank God for Skype and Google Hangout. We’d make this work with God on our side.

*sobs* okay. But you’d come right? *sobs* When are you coming?

December by God’s grace. I already have my visa.

As he watched her pass immigration, a tear dropped from his eye. The stories of long distance relationships (LDR as they called it) that he had heard usually did not have happy endings.

And this was the beginning of something long indeed…

Concluding part: Part 3.

Food for thought:

They say love conquers all. But are there more ingredients to a successful long distance relationship? The story rounds up in the 3rd post and then the discussions.

Life nugget:

Proverbs 31:11 “The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.”


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