The woes of a long distance relationship

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I figured (yes, I always figure) that this will be a nice topic for us to discuss since relationships are a major part of our lives. We’d focus on dating/courtship/marriage kind of relationships. I’d write different stories and then we would discuss these stories.

The meeting

Tayo was every teacher’s boy; class representative, loved by a lot, he was in his final year. One day, his Maths professor, Prof. James called him into his office.

Tayo, I’m short of hands for an exam coming up for some 300 level students. I was wondering if you could help invigilate“.

Sure thing sir, it will be my pleasure. What day sir?

Wednesday by 3pm.

The date was set, Tayo was at the venue 30 minutes before time. This wasn’t his first invigilation. It will probably be his last though. Final Exams were round the corner and-

His thoughts were disrupted as the students started shuffling into the hall. Game face on! Wait…game face off. “Who is that?” He mumbled to himself as he saw a little damsel walk into the hall. Damsel? Tayo, damsel? Really? Are you Shakespeare?

It was time to check identities. “Your ID card please” *checks student id and face* Next. Does the same thing. Gets to her table “May I have your ID card please?” *checks student id, name, DoB, school, faculty, department, mother’s maiden name* Okay okay, no mother’s maiden name but you get the point.

That evening in his room, he’s so sure the students must have been wondering why he was grinning all through the invigilation. He retrieves the name from memory, logs on to Facebook and types in the search bar “Folakemi Owolabi”. No results for Folakemi Owolabi. Did you mean “Folk Owen”? After several combinations and permutations of her name, he found her “Folake Hadassah”. She had used her first and middle name.

After days of stalking checking her profile, he summoned the courage to send her a friend request. Cupid had always been unlucky with him or he had always been dodging arrows. Whatever the case, cupid brought reinforcement this time because this feeling couldn’t be one arrow. “Hi, my name is Tayo, I invigilated you-Haha! Awkward.Hi, my name is Tayo, I met you a few days ago and I was wondering- I was just wondering.” Well, he did meet her even though she didn’t meet him. 1 minute later, no reply. “Hmm, did I have spelling mistakes? Maybe she doesn’t like boys named TayoHaha! The darnest things you think, even I your conscience laughs at you.

1 week later, Facebook notification on his phone. “Ooooh, Facebook and all these silly notifi-

Folake Hadassah accepted your friend request.

God bless you Prof. James!” he shouted as his classmates stared at him in disbelief.

Is everything alright Tayo?” Dr. John asked, turning back from his slide presentation.

I’m sorry sir, everything is fine.

Everything was indeed fine. It was the beginning of something great.

Part 2 and Part 3.

Food for thought:

The stories are a means to an end which I hope to get through quickly.

Life nugget:

Proverbs 31:10 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.”


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8 thoughts on “The woes of a long distance relationship

  1. udumark says:

    I like ur food for thot… Just try not to be like me when it comes to keeping ppl waiting! Lol

  2. TJ_Olaitan says:

    …Nice story coming up…’1 minute later, no reply’ is just totally hilarious…will really try to follow the story, thumbs up….

  3. Tomi says:

    Please DO NOT BE LIKE MARK … If you try it, I won’t come back here. Now I’m trying to figure out who Tayo and Folake are 😀

  4. […] those who dropped comments on the just concluded series: The woes of a long distance relationship (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Like I said at the beginning of that series, the story was meant to stir […]

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