I met him in Church

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Another relationship series. As before, let’s discuss at the end. Enjoy.


He made his way to the restroom. He had to be quick, it was almost time. 3 stalls, the middle one was empty. Of course. No man would ‘willing’ stand next to another guy doing his business; it had something to do with privacy. But there was no time for privacy. He took his position at the available urinal. He felt like Jesus on the cross, one thief on his left and another on his right. *smug* But he was nothing like Jesus and even he knew that; however, the people of Jesus were good to him. In fact they were so good-


He removed the thought-disturbing device from his pocket. It was her again. “You no go go Church ni?” he murmured as he dropped the phone near the wash-hand basin and proceeded to wash his hands. He couldn’t help but grin as he cast his mind back to how it all happened:

~The bait~

This pastor preached really well; I may even decide to get saved…” Wash! Haha! Ola laughed hard internally trying as much as possible to remain solemn on the outside. “Saved? From what?” he thought. His life was wonderful and was about to get even more exciting.

If any one is here that will like to say, I know the life I’m living is not right with God…

That was the signal. He waited a little and then slowly got up from his seat to answer the call for salvation. As he walked forward, he glanced around and saw the eyes staring at him. “Are these people not supposed to be closing their eyes? Hian! They are looking at someone they can say ‘at least I’m better than that sinner’ about. Oh well” he continued walking and stopped short of the altar as he bowed his head in prayer.

Father, Your son here has come to surrender his life to you…

As the pastor prayed on, Ola wondered if the bait worked.

On your right, you will see some brothers and sisters waiting to talk to you. Church, let’s give God a round of applause for this soul…

He walked towards his right, took one final look into the crowd and met her eyes: bait worked! Ola smiled.

2nd part follows at 12 noon.

Food for thought:

Why do you think Pastors tell us to close our eyes during altar calls? To make it easier for people to answer? Or so we can be praying?

Life nugget:

Acts 4:12 “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”


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5 thoughts on “I met him in Church

  1. TJ_Olaitan says:

    I think closing of the eyes during altar calls shd be for both reasons…some people will find it easier to come out if no one sees them and ideally, we shd be praying, thanking God and telling him to help the new convert…but I don’t think I hear ‘close ur eyes’ in ‘modern churches’ these days…btw, nice story coming up…

  2. […] I met Him in church series is now concluded (you can read here: part 1, part 2 and part 3). I have had feedback from you guys and I just thought I’d make a […]

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