The boldest man I ever met

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I’m not even sure if what happened to me this morning can be described as culture shock but I will put it like that. I got on the bus this morning and headed for Church. About halfway through the journey, some people joined the bus at different bus stops and then behind me, I heard a voice speaking:

“Jesus is the way. Surrender your life to Him today.”

What?! Preaching on a bus in London? I have never experienced anything like that before. Every word he said and my heart pricked me for so many reasons but the major one being that I find it difficult to even tell my colleagues at work about Jesus and here was a man preaching to a bus full of strangers. *sigh*

It got even worse when someone in the bus told him to keep quiet. But that’s when the unity of Christianity shows up; people in the bus (other Christians) told the guy to shut up while they cheered their Christian brother on. I was impressed.

I got off the bus and said to the man preaching: “God bless you” while I walked down and thought about my lack of witnessing of the Name of Jesus.

Food for thought:

It’s really something to think about. Today, I know how the first Apostles felt and that’s when we really see Grace for what it is.

Life nugget:

Proverbs 11:30 “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”


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2 thoughts on “The boldest man I ever met

  1. tiban says:

    *sigh* This! This! *sigh

  2. Dr Olaide Owokade says:

    This blog is in itself one of your own ways of witnessing to Christ. You dont have to do it the way the man in the bus has done his. We all have our different ways of doing it. ..And, you know what?…. You have been witnessing with the way you live your life and I think that is the most courageous step many of us have not been able to take totally as you have been doing. Keep it up and keep doing it your own way… Mummy

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