Some flashback and then some feedback


I’ve always been proud of my ‘slim’ legs irrespective of the disses from friends and foes alike. LOL. At the point of this picture though, I had no choice. It was during the 3-weeks compulsory National Youth service. Shorts were part of the uniform.

We did a lot of marching and parade and for someone who doesn’t ‘automatically’ know his left from his right, you can imagine the challenge I faced. Haha. All those who don’t know their left from their right, let me here you shout “whoop whoop”. Lol. We do just fine, left right? . Anyways, this is the flashback part of this article.

Now for the feedback: Please complete this survey if you are a secondary school student in Nigeria or this one if you have a secondary school student in your household. God bless!

Food for thought:

There are times when things seem so cloudy and gloomy that you feel there’s nothing to thank God for but the fact that we are still alive means we still have a place in God’s plan even if it’s for the next second. Matthew 10:29

Life nugget:

If we are sure of one thing, it is that giving thanks always is the will of God. 1 Thes 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

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