Her version of the events

Perhaps, I was too mechanical in my delivery of what happened. Lol. The Lady decides she needs to say her version…


16:58 July 3

Tolu: Babe, we’re meeting up tomorrow right?

Deolu: Yea, sure. Except that I have a brief meeting at 12 noon.

Tolu: Really? That’s supposed to be our last alone-time on this holiday

Bros starts to stutter – Clue 1

Deolu: It’s for our good… It will be short… Take kilz

Girl thinks, “this meeting must yield dosh… Otherwise *rme”

11: 34 July 4

Mr Oga is pacing back and forth – Clue 2

Tolu: Has your meeting been cancelled? I’m hoping to hear *sigh, yes

Deolu: No, I’m just waiting for *voice fades off*

What a drag… Tolu be supportive… Lol

Tolu: Or should I come with you. I’m  techie too and I can pitch as well

Deolu: No dear, it’s fine

Dee goes for meeting (ring pickup)

I doze off and 90mins later my sleep is disturbed by his call. I had no idea my life was about to take a huge leap!

Deolu: “O” said you should log on to Skype; she has an emergency

Tolu: Sorry? *brain still booting as it was in hibernate mode*

I finally dragged myself to my computer for “the emergency” & guess what “O” couldn’t wait to tell me? A proposal on Youtube. Darling, I have seen enough but if this one is worth you waking me for then Dee might learn a thing or 2.

First 10 seconds of video

This is weird, must be some coincidence. It resonates with the DeoluTolu story

35 seconds

Pause video. Screaming Deolu, where are you? I’m going hysterical. The video was uploaded today. He says keep watching in the most calm voice.

50 seconds

My mascara… Scratch that… Eyeliner is running already. I finish the video & there he was on his KNEES

“Will you marry me?” Ohh with the rock in his hand

Are you waiting for more?… Gbeborun

*look out for deolutolu 2014*


About Adeolu

Seeking to know Him more. Sharing daily experiences. Reaching for greatness together.

5 thoughts on “Her version of the events

  1. debby says:

    Congratulations guyz….. So happy. #Toludeolu2014 waiting patiently.

  2. folasanwo says:

    Good to know Deolu hasnt dissappointed in creating a beautiful proposal…. I love it! God bless you both!

  3. IB says:

    congratulations guys. Looking forward to Toludeolu2014.

  4. dveryone says:

    Congratz guys….just the begining of greater things to come…proud of you bro…hack it.

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