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He knelt, you said yes. Friends and family are ecstatic.

Then comes the barrage of questions: When is it? What are your colors? Up to Where is honeymoon going to be? My brain goes “Y’all better take a chill pill” 

Little by little each question finds an answer which all points to one of the biggest questions when planning a wedding. The Numbers!!! I have heard in times past that the wedding industry in Nigeria is fertile soil for an entrepreneur but now I know.

So Dee and I started price fishing and no we didn’t do it alone – friends, family all hands were and still are on deck. Very quickly we realized a budget was of the essence. Bless Google spreadsheet and it is free.

So we I started inputting items and more items. Dee puts in 1, I put 5. In my defense I say “a girl’s wedding is the one time she’ll be a princess, you’re allowed to spoil yourself, your opportunity to own the blahniks and the red bottoms”


Reality Check: You are always a princess, the King of Kings is your father. You are marrying an amazing man everyday comes with a blessing it’s not restricted to your wedding day.

As the spreadsheet grew not necessarily by it’s length but by the number of zeros I started to fret. I calculated our earnings/savings emptied our penny boxes if any … The numbers still weren’t adding up; in the words of the accountant, the book was not balanced. I got even more concerned. The solution was staring at me right in the face. It was about time to hand it to God. Should have done that from the start. He said “I’m in charge, I created you, I have met your needs (& wants). I won’t leave you now

If you’re familiar with the story of the Israelites in the bible you may have noticed that God did great wonders as they exited Egypt. When they got into the desert they quickly forgot the miracles from the past, they got scared and worried. Same with me: the numbers became so magnified that I forgot how far he had brought me and as with the Israelites He’s taking us also to the promised land.

Food for thought:

Best bargain = Lowest price + Highest quality

Life nugget:

Isaiah 46:4 GNT  “I am your God and will take care of you until you are old and your hair is gray. I made you and will care for you;  I will give you help and rescue you.”


3 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Timiebix says:

    Numbers!!! Numbers!!! Numbers!!!
    Nigerian wedding industry!!
    I’ve quit about 2 times until I said Lord, it’s You and peace just overwhelms you!!

    Happy planning 🙂

  2. They never rily add up! watch out for my twtr *wedn Sessions.
    His grace makes ALL the difference (The sufficiency…)

  3. Tan says:

    thank you Timiebix. Thanks Tromio

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