Don’t get comfortable

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A short true life story to begin: I know a certain guy who traveled out of his native country to go further his education. However, he always had a plan to return “home” after his studies to build his business empire. 1 year after the completion of his studies, he found himself stuck abroad – the fear of “what to do if i return” had crippled him. He began to think to himself, “maybe this place isn’t so bad after all”…he had gotten comfortable. Continue reading


Using scripting to automate tasks

Recently, I had to make the same configuration on several devices. It would have been a bore to log into them one after the other to paste the configuration; therefore, I used a script to achieve this. I then wrote articles documenting what I did. You can find those articles here: part 1 and part 2.

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Make it personal

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Yes, we’ve heard God called different names by different people e.g. in Church, in the Bible, etc. Yes, Jesus came to die for your sins and mine. Yes, Jesus is the resurrected King. Yes, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. I can go on and on. But my point is this: Who is God to you personally? What is your personal experience about the God you’ve heard so much about?

In Matthew 16:13-14, the disciples of Jesus were telling Him who men say Jesus is. In verse 15, Jesus then asked them a question: “But whom say ye that I am?”

Another example is Jacob/Israel. Up until Genesis 33:20, Jacob had been referring to God as “The God of my Fathers” (e.g. Gen 32:9).  However, Continue reading

Slowly coming back

I’ve given this blog some thought and I feel it’s time to write more non-techy posts. The process may be slow but we will get there by God’s grace.

Two songs to start (or continue) your Monday. I was in a car on my way to the airport one day when I heard these songs playing on the radio. I didn’t catch their names but I wrote down the most sung part of the songs and googled them when I got to my destination.

Forever be praised by ALM:UK

Let it be known by Worship Central

Be blessed!