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Yes, we’ve heard God called different names by different people e.g. in Church, in the Bible, etc. Yes, Jesus came to die for your sins and mine. Yes, Jesus is the resurrected King. Yes, Jesus is the Prince of Peace. I can go on and on. But my point is this: Who is God to you personally? What is your personal experience about the God you’ve heard so much about?

In Matthew 16:13-14, the disciples of Jesus were telling Him who men say Jesus is. In verse 15, Jesus then asked them a question: “But whom say ye that I am?”

Another example is Jacob/Israel. Up until Genesis 33:20, Jacob had been referring to God as “The God of my Fathers” (e.g. Gen 32:9).  However, when he had a personal experience with God, he was able to say “Elelohe-Israel” meaning “The mighty God of Israel”.

God woke you up this morning: He is the God that wakes you up. God saved you from an accident: He is the God that preserves your life. When you thought money will not come that month, God showed up for you: He is the God that provides for you.

There’s nothing wrong with calling God the names you’ve so frequently heard but sometimes, just make it personal!


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