The Logical bride 2

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1st Love, 2nd Love…

When the stork delivered me to earth the first man i met was simply amazing, still is. He was the definition of love, didn’t have to say it because his actions screamed it. He had to be dad.

Years passed he still remained first love but as i journeyed through life I met The Special One. I had a new lease of life after this meet. He gave me a guide to live my life and as long as i stick to His principles then the greatness that lyes on my inside will spring forth. I’ll never be able to phantom Jesus love for me it’s simply inexplicable. I had to move him up on the Love list because he will never settle for second place in anyone’s life. My dad cheered me on as i took this decision seeing that he also had Jesus as his First love. Dad was now second love.

Then came the lanky, fair man who was simply amazing. He fit the name Love, he couldn’t be first – that’s taken but there’s second and the flurry of questions roll in – the bible says leave and cleave, it also says honor your parents and a host of other things but this left me questions still unanswered, positions still uncertain. Now i know better after God being first place everyone else has a place in my life and each is dependent. Your heart is huge enough to accommodate husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, daughter-in-law… The list is endless and you can and will place each person in the right space in your heart with God’s help.



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He knelt, you said yes. Friends and family are ecstatic.

Then comes the barrage of questions: When is it? What are your colors? Up to Where is honeymoon going to be? My brain goes “Y’all better take a chill pill” 

Little by little each question finds an answer which all points to one of the biggest questions when planning a wedding. The Numbers!!! I have heard in times past that the wedding industry in Nigeria is fertile soil for an entrepreneur but now I know.

So Dee and I started price fishing and no we didn’t do it alone – friends, family all hands were and still are on deck. Very quickly we realized a budget was of the essence. Bless Google spreadsheet and it is free.

So we I started inputting items and more items. Dee puts in 1, I put 5. In my defense I say “a girl’s wedding is the one time she’ll be a princess, you’re allowed to spoil yourself, your opportunity to own the blahniks and the red bottoms”

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