What went down yesterday

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I told you guys I’d keep you posted. It was an “Idea competition”. My friend and I have this business idea that we are working on and we decided to enter a funding competition for it. From our backgrounds, venture capitalist funding is not really in our blood but we thought: “Oh well, nothing to lose”.

The process helped us refine our idea and we spent so much time on Google Hangout (this tool should be the topic of my next geeky post…awesome!). Pitching presentations were yesterday- 5 mins pitch, some questions, total of about 15 mins.

Results came back: Continue reading


Your attitude while on your way to the top

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I had a heart-wrenching conversation a few days back. It was one of those ones that you know what you should do but you feel incapable of doing it. When you give it deeper thought, you discover it’s not necessarily incapability but rather, unwillingness.

I once talked about doing what you love on this blog and I believe that’s a wonderful thing. But what’s your attitude while on your way to that thing? Continue reading

Let me paint you a picture: After graduation, what next?

Here’s a story for you:

“I just finished my degree in Computer Science and for the first time in my life, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do next. All the companies I’ve applied to want some form of experience (how do you get experience when you cant get a job?). They wouldn’t even let me work for free.

My ex-girlfriend just introduced me to this really cool program. I can get to teach computing (feel useful and get paid while at it), learn during the holidays (get experience and certifications) and get hired after the program. Maybe my future isn’t so bleak after all :)”

Taiwo, 2013

Does this story resonate with you? Do you want to help shape the start of something extraordinary in the education sector? Are you a recent graduate (<=1yr) or a soon-to-be graduate (final year) from Nigeria? Then send me an email at dhackdheolu@gmail.com to find out how to add your input to building this program.

Food for thought:

If you’ve ever wanted to add value to your nation, here’s your opportunity. Don’t let it slip by.

Life nugget:

Opportunity is not enough. Preparation is key.

Job Advert: CCIE needed in Saudi Arabia

A company in Saudi Arabia needs a CCIE Architect/Designer

Requirements: At least 10 years of experience, active CCIE certified, R&S or SP, current or past experience in SP/MPLS environment.

Extensive experience in: IGP, BGP, MPLS, MPLS/VPN, QoS, Security, Management solutions, High-end Cisco platforms (ASR, XR, CRS…)

The candidate should be from Europe, Canada or USA.

Please send resumes to kehinde@ccieflyer.com.

Job Advert: CCIE wanted in Angola

From time to time, starting today, if I get any updates on any job that I can verify the source, then I’d post it up here. Here’s the latest:

Are you a CCIE from the following countries Portugal, Asia, South America or Senegal, and you want to work for a Cisco Channel Partner in Angola…please send your resume to kehinde@ccieflyer.com

These job posts won’t have food for thought or life nuggets (as you would have figured).