In defense of No defense?


I figured I’ll write something different from what I normally do. I don’t even know under what category to file this. Maybe it’s an opinion piece. 

Many of us know the storm a novel titled “The Da Vinci Code” written by Dan Brown caused. Not only did that novel claim so many not-generally-known theories (like Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child), it also claimed that those “theories” were actually “facts”. What better way to provide facts than to support them with evidence which that book provided a lot of. I actually read the book (who doesn’t like a good mystery?) and I remember saying then that this book was not meant for those who were unsure of their standing in Christ. Continue reading


The three sides to a story


You may have heard the saying that to every story, there are two sides. I think to many stories, there are actually three sides: what party A saw, what party B saw and what really happened.

Let me give you an example from personal experience which you can probably relate to if you drive in Lagos. Driving in Lagos is normally a crazy experience but getting through a roundabout in Lagos with traffic on all sides is phenomenally crazy! People just change lanes like snakes.

Anyways, I was driving back home one evening and on getting to the roundabout, one guy just strayed from his lane, got in front of me and barely missed my bumper only because I applied my brakes so hard. Continue reading

People are not their situations

For some reason I woke up around 6:00am that Sunday morning. Church wasn’t till later but I knew I had to go out to look for fuel. The heat of the previous day without electricity was almost unbearable and I couldn’t afford a repeat.

Driving around a bit, I finally found a filling station with about 3 cars on the queue. The catch? Well, they were not selling fuel…yet. A tanker had come to discharge fuel and they wouldn’t start selling fuel until it was done. Did you know discharging takes over an hour? Well, now I know.

Rather than sitting in the car doing nothing, I decided to go strike up conversation with those discharging the fuel. As I walked down to the tanks, I couldn’t help but notice the jerrycan queue which was probably longer than the queue for cars. “Oh well, I will leave here one day“, I thought to myself. Continue reading

One year later…

A few days ago made it one year since I carried my portmanteau and moved back to Nigeria from the UK. In January of that year, I woke up and asked myself the question: “Adeolu, what are you doing here?” I had asked myself that question severally in the past but it wasn’t until that day that I decided to do something about it.

The plan was never to stay in the UK after my Masters but one and a half years after my degree, Continue reading

Don’t get comfortable

(photo credit:

A short true life story to begin: I know a certain guy who traveled out of his native country to go further his education. However, he always had a plan to return “home” after his studies to build his business empire. 1 year after the completion of his studies, he found himself stuck abroad – the fear of “what to do if i return” had crippled him. He began to think to himself, “maybe this place isn’t so bad after all”…he had gotten comfortable. Continue reading

The silly things couples argue about: White or Cream?

Recently, I watched a funny (but true) video on Facebook about the weird things couples fight about. I sent it to my wife, we laughed and picked the ones that were similar in our relationship.

Fast forward two days and we were driving to work. She brushed her laptop bag on my t-shirt and I was like “Ah ahn, you want to stain my white shirt?” She goes, “It’s not even a white shirt – it is cream”. *Begin silly fight* Continue reading

From receiving to giving

It’s been a while since I wrote a post that wasn’t techy but I thought I will share this.

In Genesis 37, the Bible introduces Joseph the dreamer. Gen 37:5 reads thus:

“And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more

I can’t imagine what it would have been like being Joseph- hated by your own brothers to the point of being sold (they even wanted to kill him) but that is not where I’m going with this. As we continue in the story of Joseph, we see that he is a boy/man who has the fear of God in him and God made him prosper everywhere he went. Then in Genesis 40, we see Joseph the Interpreter and it was this act of interpretation that eventually led to his release from prison and uplifting, albeit 2 years later.

Then it struck me: The dreams we receive will become reality when we start giving something to bring about the fulfillment of those dreams, that is, being a solution provider.