People are not their situations

For some reason I woke up around 6:00am that Sunday morning. Church wasn’t till later but I knew I had to go out to look for fuel. The heat of the previous day without electricity was almost unbearable and I couldn’t afford a repeat.

Driving around a bit, I finally found a filling station with about 3 cars on the queue. The catch? Well, they were not selling fuel…yet. A tanker had come to discharge fuel and they wouldn’t start selling fuel until it was done. Did you know discharging takes over an hour? Well, now I know.

Rather than sitting in the car doing nothing, I decided to go strike up conversation with those discharging the fuel. As I walked down to the tanks, I couldn’t help but notice the jerrycan queue which was probably longer than the queue for cars. “Oh well, I will leave here one day“, I thought to myself. Continue reading


Don’t get comfortable

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A short true life story to begin: I know a certain guy who traveled out of his native country to go further his education. However, he always had a plan to return “home” after his studies to build his business empire. 1 year after the completion of his studies, he found himself stuck abroad – the fear of “what to do if i return” had crippled him. He began to think to himself, “maybe this place isn’t so bad after all”…he had gotten comfortable. Continue reading

I met him in Church (part 3)

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You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

~The fall~

Even he was amazed at how lucky he was with this one. It didn’t take long for him to convince her that sex between two consenting adults that love themselves irrespective of marital status was not against the laws in the Holy Book. His explanation was based off 1 Corinthians 6. “Paul said you should not take your body and be with a harlot. Are you a harlot?

As time went on, He had even succeeded in cutting her off from the fold. She had a fallout with her choir leader in Church and he had advised her to leave the Church completely. At that point, he had complete control over her because even for a heathen, he knew there was something about that Word they preach in Churches that is able to pierce through hearts. That wasn’t good for ‘business’. Continue reading

Discussions: The woes of a long distance relationship

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Thank you to all those who dropped comments on the just concluded series: The woes of a long distance relationship (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3). Like I said at the beginning of that series, the story was meant to stir conversation and discussion. This post will be a compilation of comments and some more.

  • Communication: This is key. Communication- not just “we talk everyday” but more about “we talk about the things that need to be talked about”. Folake and Tayo should have constantly evaluated their relationship and should have caught the hint when things started drifting. Since the other person is not inside your head, complaining to yourself is pointless. “There’s no time. I’m too busy”- Just drop that line. You make time for what is important to you.
  • Don’t be selfish: If you are serious enough to be in a relationship with someone thousands of miles away, then you are planning for the long haul. In that case, you need to start thinking of your plans that will affect the other person. While we all have our individual plans, like Folake who wanted to do her PhD, Continue reading

The woes of a long distance relationship (final part)

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Previous posts: Part 1 and Part 2.

The Long Distance Relationship

He’s sure the people at Skype had convened a couple of times to discuss if they should start charging these two account: tayo_adeyele and hadafolake. Initially, a bug in Vectone Mobile allowed her to call him at 1p per minute. Until they found out and blocked it. Calling from Nigeria was expensive. It was much easier for her to buy one of those packages- £5 for 100 mins or something. Funny names they have over there- Lyca, Lebara, Vectone.

At first, LDR wasn’t as bad as they had thought. Although they had to alter their sleeping patterns, it was okay. It was only for a few months. How many months till you see her again? 2 months. Where will you stay when you travel? Hmm…I haven’t thought about that. With her I guess. LOL! You’d stay with her in winter? Continue reading

The woes of a long distance relationship (part 2)

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You can read part 1 here.

The relationship

Three years later, Tayo had graduated, served his Fatherland and was now working. Waking up by 5am everyday to get to work was not really the plan he had in his head when he was in school. In fact, he had practically sworn “I will work for no one!” But here he was, yawning at 3:15pm and wondering why the earth was moving very slowly today. His phone rings.

“Hi babe, how’s work?” The voice on the other end asked. Continue reading

The woes of a long distance relationship

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I figured (yes, I always figure) that this will be a nice topic for us to discuss since relationships are a major part of our lives. We’d focus on dating/courtship/marriage kind of relationships. I’d write different stories and then we would discuss these stories.

The meeting

Tayo was every teacher’s boy; class representative, loved by a lot, he was in his final year. One day, his Maths professor, Prof. James called him into his office.

Tayo, I’m short of hands for an exam coming up for some 300 level students. I was wondering if you could help invigilate“.

Sure thing sir, it will be my pleasure. What day sir?

Wednesday by 3pm.

The date was set, Tayo was at the venue 30 minutes before time. This wasn’t his first invigilation. It will probably be his last though. Final Exams were round the corner and-

His thoughts were disrupted as the students started shuffling into the hall. Game face on! Wait…game face off. “Who is that?” He mumbled to himself as he saw Continue reading